About the web page

Welcome to my web page! Some may think it is unnecessary to have a separate web page when you can have artist pages on social media. I feel that artist pages on platforms like Facebook are rather cluttered and have many distracting elements. This web page is meant to be the opposite; minimalistic, clean and pleasing to look at. It will always be updated with the latest news and music. I hope you like it!

About me

First the boring facts: My name is Olav S. Flaa, I'm 46 years old and from Norway. I started the Standalone Clone project in 2019. I'm actually a bassplayer who have played in several bands in genres such as gospel, soul, funk, pop and rock for more than two decades. I have listened a lot to jazz and fusion and this is probably reflected in my music. In 2018 I bought my first synth. I wanted to produce my own music and needed an instrument that was more versatile than a bass. A synth opens up a lot of possibilities, I can write and record melodies, chord progressions and bass lines. And the sonic possibilities are almost endless which makes the instrument ideal for soundscapes, atmospheres and effects. Music production is only a hobby to me, I teach music and music technology at Beats Electro at Rødde Folkehøgskole as a profession. I also ran a small business, ToneZone Mastering, for a few years.

About Standalone Clone and the music



I started the Standalone Clone project in 2019. I started out making cover versions of three old pop hits, "I won't let the sun go down on me" and "Only You" from the early 80s and "Popcorn" from the early 70s. It was a fun and interesting experience to make my own versions of these popular songs, with new vocalists, arrangements, instrumentation and sound.



A few months later I wrote and released two synth pop instrumentals; "Chasing Robin Hood" and "Alfred never worried about the weather". I am happy with the melodies/themes and the rhythmic drive in these tracks. Their sound is a bit gritty and lofi. I also made a music video for "Chasing Robin Hood" which I'm very happy with. It is based on a simple technique, images moving relative to each other. This was a new and creatively inspiring experience to me. The next two tracks I wrote were "Distant" and "Recovery mode". They are also instrumentals, but very different from the tracks previously released. They are calm, have a very minimalistic instrumentation and focus almost entirely on melodies, chords and athmospheres.



I started 2021 by writing "Winter solstice theme - improvisation" and release it as a Youtube video. The musical consept is something similar to "Distant" and "Recovery mode", however this is a solo live performance on synth. Then I wrote and released "Arctic keys" which is a synth pop instrumental with a groovy and solid bass line mixed with icy and open sounding melody lines. The next song,  "As the sun breaks through", has a bass line almost identical to the one in "Arctic keys". This was an coincidence and happened because I jammed over this bassline and then found a chord progression and melody line that I liked. I decided not to go back and make a different bass line. However, the tracks are very different in all other aspects. This instrumental is based on one chord progression and bass line that repeats from start to end. But the melody line develops and the intensity builds up slowly to a climax in the end (when the sun finally breaks through). The latest track, "Winter solstice theme", is a slow instrumental witch has all focus on atmosphere and melody. It is based on the solo improvisation in the Youtube video "Winter solstice theme - improvisation". I have added a few more sounds, but it is still a very minimalistic track. I have also replaced the long middle part in the improvisation with a variation of the intro theme.

Updated 9th May 2021

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