About the web page

Welcome to my web page! Some may think it is unnecessary to have a separate web page when you can have artist pages on social media. I feel that artist pages on social media platforms are somewhat impersonal and the appearance is often a bit messy. This web page is meant to be the opposite; tailored to the purpose, minimalistic and pleasing to look at. It will always be updated with the latest news and music.

About me

My name is Olav S. Flaa and I live in a small place in Norway called Melhus. My musical background is as a bass player in several bands and groups in genres such as gospel, hymns, soul, funk, pop and rock for more than two decades. I have listened a lot to other music genres as well, especially jazz and fusion. In 2018 I bought my first synth. I wanted to write and produce my own music and needed an instrument that was more versatile than a bass. A synth opens up a lot of possibilities. I can write and record melodies, chord progressions and bass lines. And the sonic possibilities are almost endless, which makes the instrument ideal for experimenting with sound and creating soundscapes, atmospheres and effects. Music production is only a hobby to me, I teach music and music technology at Beats Electro at Rødde Folkehøgskole as a profession.

About Standalone Clone

Standalone Clone is my solo project and was established in April 2019. I started by making cover versions of a couple of well known pop hits before moving on to composing my own music.


Mostly, I do all parts of the music production process myself. This includes composing, arranging, performing/recording, mixing and mastering. However, I have been helped by talented people to do the vocals. All synths are recorded the old fashioned way without using midi or programming. This is not very common nowadays, but it has some advantages. I find this workflow natural and inspiring and it ensures that I will be able to play the songs the same way at a live gig. I did not start playing synth until 2018 and consider this to be both a strenght and a weakness. Weakness because it limits what I am able to play. Strenght because I have to put a lot of effort into every single note when composing. I think simplicity can be a good thing and it is essential in music genres such as pop and chillout.


I'm not trying to make music in a specific genre. I even find it difficult to describe my own music using common genre terms.

My composing process always begins with a small musical idea and then develops step by step based on musical associations and experimentation. I guess all choices I make throughout the process are highly colored by the music I have played and listened to from the early 80s until today. So the music and the sound will always have some kind of retro feel.

About gear

Here is some information for you who are interested in synths and other hardware instruments. 


These hardware instruments were used on the released tracks:

  • "I won't let the sun go down on me" - Sequential Prophet 6, Toontrack Superiour Drummer 3
  • "Popcorn" - Sequential Prophet 6, drum samples
  • "Only you" - Sequential Prophet 6 (synths and perc), drum samples
  • "Chasing Robin Hood" - Sequential Prophet 6, Roland TR-8S, Ibanez SR-1200E electric bass
  • "Distant" - Yamaha DX7 IID (1987), drum loop
  • "Recovery mode" - Elektron Digitone Keys, Analog Four Mk2 (synths and drums), Roland Fantom 6
  • "Arctic Keys" - Yamaha DX7 IID (1987), drum loop
  • "As the sun breaks through" - Yamaha modx 6 (synths and drums)
  • "Winter solstice theme" - Novation Summit, Yamaha modx 6
  • "Summer solstice theme" - Roland Fantom 6 (synths and drums)
  • "Breathe" - Yamaha modx 6 (synths and drums)
  • "While the world passes by" - Roland Fantom 6, Roland TR-8S
  • "What you left behind" - Roland Fantom 6, Image-line FPC, Ibanez SR-1200E electric bass


Want to support me?

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Also, feel free to contact me. Any positive feedback will encourage me to keep making music and promote my music.

Thank you for your support!